20 years ago…..(Val Doonican jumper)

Now….(Ageing rocker ponytail)

Electric Guitars

Gibson  SG standard 1972  (cherry)

Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony 1995

Gibson Nighthawk Ltd. Edn. (Chicago Blue) 2010/11

Fender American Strat (black/rosewood) 2001

Pacifica 303 12 string electric (trans blue)

Squire affinity chinese strat

Acoustic Guitars

Martin D42 Standard 2018

Martin D41 1933 Ambertone  2021

Gibson Dove Custom Shop 1960’s reissue

Taylor K24ce 2018 v-class

Taylor 214ce BLK DLX custom

Taylor GS mini plus Koa

Colombus Hummingbird copy c.1970   ( Andy’s first “real” guitar!)

Yamaha 12 string  FG420 E12

Yamaha Classical  CG-100A

 Solo Live Gear

Fishman SA220 + Behringer B1200D powered sub.

Fishman Loudbox Performer ,  (Marshall AS80R as backup)

Boss VE-500  (Digitech Vocalist Live 5  as backup)

Sure beta 57a Mic

Mooer GE-300,   Zoom A2.1u,   Electro Harmonix Mel 9

Behringer QX1204USB mixer

 Band Live Gear

JBL M330, and M350 cabs

C Audio RA3001  ( 1.25KW )

Sure beta 57a Mic

Studiomaster Powerhouse 8:2 for foldback with generic wedges

1970’s Marshall super lead MK2 100w with sound city 4 x 12 and Marshall Powerbrake

Korg A4,  Fender Performer 650

Recording Gear

Now using REAPER DAW with Behringer UMC1820, X2442USB, QX1622usb and QX1204usb, Fatar Master keyboard Studio 610. Swissonic controlkey 88, M Audio Midisport 2×2

Fostex D160,  Alesis Adat x 2 plus BRC, Studiomaster 24 Channel P7, Alesis QSR, DM5 and Midiverb4, Yamaha FX770, SY77 workstation, Korg A4 and X5DR, Joe Meek VC3, Phonic EQ, Behringer MDX2600 Compressor, Rode NT1 and AkG Solid Tube studio Mics, SPL Vitalizer, Digitech Vocalist workstation, Drawmer Masterflow DC2476, and more…

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