All songs were written, performed  (apart from “How and Why”) and recorded by Andy in his home studio. He recorded onto two ADAT recorders, synced with midi to various tone generators and his Yamha SY77 workstation, and then mastered to cd via a Drawmer Masterflow compressor.

The following songs are from the Hazy Midnight Past album (mcps no; ALRCD1) . Titles in green have a link to music and/or lyrics.


1.  Move on

2.  I’m free

3. Go home

4. A hazy midnight past

5. Breakin’ on through

6. Mean machine blues

7. Skating on thin ice

8. How and Why

9. Find me baby 

10. Through these eyes

11. Hear the silence

Copyright; A.Allinson

3 thoughts on “SONGS”

  1. Hi again,
    Thanks for the tracks you sent me. I didn’t get to your Gatehouse gig, but my friend did and loved your music! She said she liked your leather trousers???

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