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Hello, and welcome to my website! Having written, played and recorded songs and music (off and on) for more years than I care to admit, I’ve come to a junction and collided with the new era.

So please feel free to contact me here and share any thoughts you care to.

Whilst music may not be the complete, broad and profound answer to everything; it’s still a great place to start!  It’s a wonderful life. Cheers!

Live and Love,


7 thoughts on “General Chat”

    1. Hi Andy, just a quick thank you to you and your partner for playing on Christmas Eve. It was freezing, but the music warmed us all up!

      From all at Broadway, Darras Hall.

  1. Hi Andy,
    been following you since 2014! I must be your number one fan! Can’t wait to see you play at the Gatehouse Summer Festival in a couple of weeks…..

    1. Hey there! Hope you enjoyed the gig and the musical soirees on the Sunday. What a rowdy bunch of friends!

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