Move On


Move On

1. There’s a chill wind, the night is drawing in
and there’s a strangeness in the air;
well it’s hard to find the right direction when your
heart’s too torn apart to care
I won’t be wondering where you are any more
I’ll take my pen and scribble “fine” across the score,

Ch. The sky is grey, the rain is falling.
it’s running down my face
She’s moved on, guess I shoulda known
that she’d vanish without trace
And in a way I’m glad, although it’s kind of sad,
That it’s time to move on….

2. Well I’d been down, like when there’s no tomorrows,
I just wasn’t good enough
Now she’s gone to find a new obsession (there’ll be)
no more tear stains on my cuff.
I won’t forget those happy times we had before,
I hope she finds just what it is she’s searching for


So I’ll look towards the distance,
I’ll turn my collar against the wind,
I’ll head for happiness, ignore the pain
~cos it’s time to move on again~


28th Jan 2000 copyright; A.Allinson.

3 thoughts on “Move On”

  1. Thanks for your input! There is a new song sitting on the HD recorder which will be the first track of my second album, but I’m so busy I haven’t had a chance to get on with finishing it! In the mean time I’ll e-mail you some more tracks off the last album.

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