Oh it’s five to twelve on a dark cold night
Rain is pounding on the windows with all it’s might
In my bed by her side I’m completely alone
Not asleep nor awake I reach for the ‘phone
Maniac laughter and the receiver’s too hot
I think I’m awake but I know that I’m not
The clock on the wall ticks off the minutes of the fight       Will I make through the storm to the pure morning light
 Visions that haunt me are so lucid and real
Give rise to the anger and the pain that I feel
The friend who cried out when I pushed him too far
The dove that I killed with the wheels of my car
The girl that I pined for instead of my wife
And the things that have haunted me all of my life
But then the birds start to sing and the gloom starts
to go
I hold onto my lady and now I know…It’s been…
 A hazy midnight past like a tide that turns at midnight
A hazy midnight passed but no fears for the future
A hazy midnight past at last…at last.
 Sun shines through the window with the coming of the dawn
Evaporates my tears like the dewdrops on the lawn
I’m proud again confident in the light
But heave a sigh of relief from the horrors of the night
She turns then and smiles; I know she’s feeling sad
Good morning you…God what a night I’ve had
She looks in the mirror and she blinks at what it shows
I hold on to my lady and now she knows…(Ch.)


Copyright A.Allinson 2000

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