Find me, Baby.

1. I’ve played a song on my guitar to get me through the bad times
and I’ve downed a bottle or two.
I’ve listened to the radio, and heard a coupla cheerful rhymes
To stop me from feeling blue.
But now I’m hurting like it’s never been.
Yes I’m hurting like you’ve never seen…
 Ch. Find me baby
Can you hear me?
Find me baby
Can’t you hear me?
(Please) help me baby
Won’t you save me?
Before it’s too late.
2. I’ve done some things, well I guess you’d call them desperate
and I’ve seen the doctor too
I’ve taken tablets, and I’ve tried to overdose on chocolate
and I’ve done what crazies do
I’m on the edge, I’ve tried it all
And now I’m heading for a nasty fall. (so…)
Ch. x2

October 2002 c. A.Allinson

Music is the Answer