It was several years that I’d been away
And a lonesome wind seemed to me to say
Sometimes when you’re feelin’ down
You just gotta just turn around
 Ch. And go home. Go home. Go home.
 Well I’ve been alone, and I’ve been gregarious
Yeah I’ve had it sad, and I’ve had it hilarious
I’ve seen the best, mmm and I’ve seen the worst
But now I’ve got such a desperate thirst
 Ch. To go home, where the sky is blue
Go home, where the friendship’s true
Go home, oh baby why don’t you go home.
 Uh-oh. Headin’ for the hills full of wanderlust
Yeah, yeah. But times they change, and all of us
Wants and needs, knows that they gotta
Grows and flows, feels that they oughta…
Ch. Go home, come out of the cold
Go home, ‘cos you feel so old
Go home, when you miss the love
I wanna go home.
 It’s only when you’ve been away
You know how good it is to say
I’m gonna go home…

Copyright;  A.Allinson 2000

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